I left sunny Mexico behind for the cold and snow of Canada. I was born and raised in Monterrey, a big and industrial city at the north of Mexico, but we moved to Canada in 2001, this is the country we chose to live, where my kids were born and that now I proudly call home…

I decided to write a blog-diary-journal to share my adventures, activities, thoughts… I ask myself who is going to read it, but I’m doing it for myself, to remember, to share this with my kids one day and why not, with you that are reading my blog =)

My twin boys speak English-French at school and Spanish at home, one of my boys is also studying Mandarin, so sometimes I have a mix of languages in my head.  I decided to write my blog in Spanglish, some days I might write in English, other days I will do it in Spanish, I just feel lucky to be able to say my mind and to express myself in different languages.

The timbits is the name of this blog, it is also the name of very popular round mini donuts from Tim Hortons, a famous coffee shop chain in Canada. It is also the way we refer to my twin boys. When we told the news to our closest group of friends that I was pregnant and showed them the ultrasound picture, they said they looked like timbits, perfectly round. It took us almost the whole pregnancy to pick their names, Nicolas and Sebastian, but for beautiful nine months and up to now, we lovely call them the timbits 🙂

Welcome to thetimbits.com …




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    • It’s been more than 20 years since my last visit to Huatulco but I know is beautiful, we go more to the Mayan Riviera every year. Thank you for the follow Louise. I like your blog, is very inspiring =)


  1. ¡Vaya Sebastián, vaya mijo! Y tal vez algún día juegue fútbol, donde sus piernas y pies volarán como poderosas alas.

    Ola, Lety – I meant this comment to go with your post about Sebastian but I could not find anywhere to comment but here. It was probably right in front of me!.

    Mi Espanol – lo siento, apprendo (apprediendo?) Arrggh: verb endings!

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    • I just realized is because I had to activate the comments section on each post, I’m new on this hehe, so Gracias Claire! Yes Sebastian is so happy with his Robo hand, he is been through a lot, but having this new hand has giving him a lot more confidence =)
      By the way, tu espaniol es muy bueno!

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